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Re-invent, Re-engineer and Digitalise with Lifescience and Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare and Lifesciences organisations are today aiming to become more and more flexible and agile so that they can address to any situation seamlessly and for this the organisations must have a strong Lifesciences and Healthcare Solutions covering the entire ecosystem of Healthcare Providers, Insurance Providers, Medical Device Manufacturers, Pharmaceutical Companies, Other Intermediaries and Patients.

While Healthcare and Lifesciences organisations have been looking to navigate through existing challenges, newer unforeseen challenges like Covid19 has thrown altogether a new dimension to it. Organisations have to rapidly scale up their efforts in setting up emergency lifesaving systems and procedures in place and at the same time tweak their existing Business processes and systems so that they are well prepared for any such emergency in the future.

Healthcare & Life Sciences companies hence have to acclimatize themselves to this new normal and quickly adapt a modern and comprehensive digital strategy covering the entire ecosystem.

While that may sound simple, it is actually not that easy because of multiple factors and would ned to engage with experts offering Lifesciences and Healthcare IT Consulting company who can help them evaluate the present state of affairs and advise them with a roadmap to overcome the present challenges. Meanwhile let us look at those challenges one by one :


Since the stakeholders and teams are different across business and IT, everybody has a different set of views on the challenges and solutions to resolve those challenges. It is important to have once consolidated view of such challenges and let all stakeholders and teams be on the same page and based on this one can set a blueprint for a Digital Transformation Journey.


Yesterday’s processes, procedures and systems are no longer valid in todays world, especially with Covid19 hitting all of us, things have to be seen with a new set of lenses. Patient Self Care, Online/ Tele Consultation, Telemedicine, Remote Diagnostics, Accurate interpretation of data coming from connected medical devices and wearables etc are the need of the hour.


Gone are the days when there used to be only a handful of vendors providing everything that a Healthcare and Lifesciences organisations wanted but with the advent of modern connected equipments, medical devices, wearables etc, the entire vendor landscape has changed for better. Organisations now have to look at integrating these devices with their backend legacy systems so that they can have a holistic view of Patient’s health. Having a secure and fool proof Integration Strategy of such new data sets with the existing systems is the need of the hour.


Till recently Healthcare & Lifesciences organisations have been operating in silos and actually have their systems disconnected. In today’s connected world and rapidly changing economic scenarios and patient care demands, organisations can no longer afford to have a disconnected and siloed outdated supply chain solutions. They will have to start looking at collaborating with business stakeholders beyond the boundaries of their own organisation.


Healthcare & Lifesciences organisations are guided and controlled by a strict regulatory and governance framework. They are under constant pressure to always be compliant to regulations and government policies and that at times make so involved in meeting and adhering to such governance and compliance requirements that many a times, they tend to overlook business and that is not a good situation to be in. Organisations can look at automating processes so as to minimise huma errors but today manual processes and human interventions are the main culprits contributing to non-compliance many a times.



Healthcare and Lifesciences organisations are looking restructuring their existing systems and are moving away from siloed and disconnected systems spread across various functions. They are also looking at creating an ecosystem of pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, third party logistics partners, insurance providers, healthcare providers and more importantly inhouse departments and systems. Process automation, modern and integrated supply chain, patient self-care, digital health, telemedicine, teleconsulting etc are the key ingredients of a new and modern and connected digital infrastructure required to create a value chain with patient at its core.


In order to achieve the above, the organisation should have a well thought out and integrated Digital Transformation Strategy covering all the relevant stakeholders in the entire ecosystem. Adopting new technologies like Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Blockchain Solutions for Healthcare & Lifesciences, Mobile etc can pave the way for a more integrated and effective Digital Strategy.

Interwork is leading the technology of tomorrow for substantial development and sheer innovation within a quicker span of time. Interwork’s solutions are highly trusted for innovation and business-driven outcomes. The company has successfully crafted a niche in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry. Our developers are highly capable of addressing existing problems by converting them into solutions which not only addresses the present challenges but also makes it future proof. Interwork is successful in building many research-based and quality Lifesciences and Healthcare Solutions. Our product SeeREAL, which is a Blockchain based Track and Trace Solution for Pharmaceutical companies and can bring all concerned stakeholders onto one Blockchain platform creating transparency and trust in the supply chain.

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