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Digitalising Energy and Utilities Industry Solutions- The Key to outsmart competition

Energy and Utilities industry happens to be a very capital and labour-intensive industry and hence there has always been stricter regulations and governance models in place which covers every aspect of their functioning. This is one vertical which covers Electricity- Hydro, Thermal, Nuclear and Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy etc.

Electricity in itself is spread across multiple sub categories like Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Retail Consumption etc. Similarly, Oil & Gas involves Upstream, Midstream and Downstream. So is Renewable Energy, which consists of Solar, Wind etc. Each one of them has their own set of Energy and Utilities Management Services involving processes, systems, policies, regulations, human resource requirements and geo-political scenarios. With such a complex business environment, it is imperative for these organisations to be very agile and adaptive and instead of being reactive to an event or stimuli in the entire value chain, they have to be proactive in their approach. Organisations have to be continuously reinventing themselves across various business functions and with external ecosystem.

Energy and utilities companies understand the tremendous value of Energy & Utilities Industry Solutions bringing in actionable insights from data mining and analytics-driven decision-making. However, getting data ready for mining and analytics is not easy. E&U companies need to leverage diverse sets of data collected not only from sensors and AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure), but also from operational data stores such as GIS, CRM, and MDM. And it is often challenging to collect, organize, map, clean, and manage diverse data across various business functions, while meeting business-centric parameters related to security, governance, and compliance.

A well designed and integrated Energy & Utilities Industry Solutions would help organisations to re-engineer and re-design to optimise their systems and processes to cut down costs, increase production, minimise distribution and transmission losses, pilferage of oil and gas during transportation thereby boosting the overall revenue and profitability of the organisation.

Innovating and digitalising are key to modernization which will greatly enhance the electricity, oil & gas and renewable energy infrastructures.



  • A truly connected and integrated system would connect power generation, distribution & transmission companies and consumers together. Data generated across all these different stakeholders will be the key for growth in revenue, profitability and excellent customer service.
  • Smart Grid and Micro Grid networks with built in intelligence would help in providing the much-needed monitoring and control. This will also help in Demand & Supply forecasting and managing Electricity Generation and Grid Loads accordingly.
  • With IOT in Energy and Utilities Remote Asset Monitoring and Management becomes seamless.
  • Intelligent meters are a must, be it for electricity or piped gas, they have tremendous potential and can help DISCOMS/ Utility companies in their efforts towards better customer service.
  • Connected Systems and devices like Scada systems, Intelligent Sensors and Smart Meters would help in Predictive Maintenance thereby bringing down outages and downtimes and lowering revenue losses.


  • Building an intelligent platform for Exploration covering seismic data management, reservoir estimation etc will drastically enhance the performance and turnaround time.
  • Drilling would similarly need well planning, drilling operations and drilling data management.
  • Connected Manpower for tracing and monitoring location and movement.
  • Hydrocarbon accounting, Digital Oilfields, Logs, Operations Monitoring.
  • Predictive Asset Management and Spares Inventory Planning.
  • Trade and Risk Management.
  • Laboratory Management.
  • Supply Chain Design and Development.
  • Pricing Analytics.


Intelligent Platforms that can help monitoring of wind and solar energy assets is key to building a Digital Economy involving renewable energy players and mainstream energy companies. Having a robust mechanism that integrates the renewable energy generated with the grid and thereafter facilitate metering, distribution and consumption.


An integrated and connected system involving IOT in Energy & Utilities, Blockchain in Energy Sector, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Security help in building the cities of tomorrow- smart and connected.

Things like Automated Electricity & Piped Gas Meter Reading, Automated Traffic Signals, Smart Street Lighting Systems, Smart Energy Management and may such initiatives can help transform and build Smart Cities.

Interwork is a hand-picked Energy and Utilities Consulting service provider helping in Digital Transformation in the Energy & Utilities Business in India and across boundaries. We have been helping Energy & utility companies in addressing their challenges by building innovative solutions involving newer technologies like Blockchain and IOT. Our domain experts have decades of experience and can seamlessly convert a problem statement into a solution which can help you in overcoming the challenge.

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