ElektRISE®Smart & Secure Blockchain Based Digital Platform for EV Manufacturers

Presenting the world’s most transparent, smart, and secure supply chain platform covering EV Manufacturers, Dealers, Service Centres, EV Owners & Drivers.

ElektRISE delivers intelligent, real-time supply chain orchestration by connecting EV Manufacturers to their supply chain partners and digitally transforming processes from planning to delivery both within and outside the enterprise on the Decentralized Blockchain platform. 

ElektRISE enables manufacturers to optimize every facet of their operation-  Inventory Management, Order Processing & Financials, Warranty Management, Dealer Management System, Service Centre Management, Logistics, Delivery, ElektRISE encircles the entire supply chain by equipping manufacturers with Supply Chain Planning, Dealer & Service Management, Inventory of Vehicles & Spare and many more which gives the manufacturer an end to end supply chain visibility. All this on a real-time immutable decentralized platform. 

The solution is built keeping in mind that a friction-less EV supply chain is the key to the expansion of the global EV market and profitability for all the stakeholders. With the blockchain-powered ecosystem, it offers a complete suite of solutions ensuring every link in the chain works together to streamline processes while maintaining excellent customer service, providing innovative and effective ways to manage inventory, increasing productivity, and reducing lead times.

ElektRISE – Key Features

Shopfloor Operations

Linking in the VIN with BIN, Inventory Update of Vehicles & Spares

Sales & Finance Operations

Configuring Models, Variants, Spare Part Details, PO processing, Sales & Finance Approvals, Invoicing, Shipment etc.

Inventory Management 

Be it Vehicles, Batteries or Spares, manufacturers can easily coordinate inventory and plan production based on the Orders coming in from Dealers and Service Centres.

Warranty Management 

Can Manage Warranty timelines based on different models and variants etc.

Dealer/Showroom Management 

Complete suite of features, beginning from verification of arrived shipments to adding it to their inventory or returning it. Creation of Sales, Buyer Profiles etc.

Service Centre Management

Opening of new job cards, capturing vehicle problems, updating the job card, intimation of readiness of the vehicle after the service is done etc. Also can order spare parts & accessories and manage inventory of spares and accessories.

EV Owner/Driver APP

The buyer can download the Mobile App from Google Play or Apple App Store. With the ElektRISE  Mobile App, one can view his vehicle details like VIN, BIN, RC details, Insurance Details, Book Vehicle Servicing Slots, etc.

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