Digital Transformation in Aerospace and Defense Industry

The Aerospace and Defense industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Over time, it has
seen a lot of transformations as the new technologies overtook the stage. These technologies have
aided in strengthening the defense sector. This sector has been able to keep up with the defense of
the countries while employing the greatest methods of protection instead of just the most modern
technical solutions.

Though some advanced technologies have been adopted complete and thorough digital
transformations have not been seen in the aerospace and defense industry. The concerns keep on
rising and there is a sure amount of uncertainty when it comes to complete digital transformation.
These concerns include innovation, security, and inventory. But security has been the key to it.
Compromising on security is never done and therefore a fear of new technological involvement in a
A dedicated and important sector like aerospace and defense is a thinking matter.

Interwork, is one such innovation solutions provider that can help shove those concerns away with
the best solutions.

Challenges of the Industry

If something new is needed to be brought into the market, a scenario or situation demands the
change. Similar situations occurred in the Defense industry led to innovation. But some barriers are
reflected by experience.

1. Fear and Uncertainty

Even though the digital transformations have proved to be highly successful in other industries or
sectors, defense, and aerospace still lag due to the presence of fear and misunderstanding regarding
relevant data practices.

2. Cybersecurity Concerns

With concerns about online data security, companies are not encouraged to share or upgrade their
data collection including storage, transfer, and even communication strategies. Taking this into the
account, the standard practice has been to limit data accessibility leading to hindering the free flow
of ideas.

3.Confusion about Value & Usage of Testing Data

The aerospace and defense industry is knee-deep in research and development. It needs the
continuous working of the necessary testing and measurement procedures. This data still hinders
the growth and innovation due to a lack of visibility until the life cycle is assessable.

4. Adoption of real-time data sharing technology

What is required is the presence of a platform where all data can be shared online in real-time
among the various stakeholders. But this has been halted due to complete accessibility to the data.
To improve performance this data is critical and need the presence of technology to make it a

All in all, there is a dire need to cause digital transformations to progress in the aerospace and
defense industry. Some of those technologies include Blockchain, DevOps, IoT, and Data Analytics.
These technologies can impact the entire industry to a great extent when combined into a single
Digital Transformation Force.

Interwork: Providing Best Solution to the Defense Industry

Interwork is a software solutions provider aiming to make the best out of any situation and build
innovative solutions for every problem. The essential goal of Interwork is to transform the sectors in
the world digitally and watch the new era unfold. Digital Transformation in Aerospace and Defense is one such sector where
interwork wishes to leave a deep technological impact with comprehensive solutions ranging from
Logical, and Critical, to Operational.

Interwork has developed a 3-step process or plan to bring about a digital impact.

1. Innovation with Collaborations

To bring about innovation, one cannot do so alone. There is a need to join hands with relevant
partners across the world related to the industry to bring about the necessary digital transformation.
Therefore, a collaboration with the worldwide technological ecosystem is needed along with the
vendors, service providers, suppliers, and partners.

2. Value-chain Digitization

The entire value chain for any industry needs to be shifted online into the digital scope for ensuring
a greater revenue while reaping the optimum benefits of digital advancements. These include
contracting and sales, aftersales, manufacturing, human resources, designing, and engineering, and

3. Embracing newer business models

When there is a new development, there is a new model to fit the bill. It is better to combine the
best of the previous and new business ideas to form a middle ground. This way new models and
ideas will be more effectively embraced which can lead to an increase in the revenue, greater ROI,
higher future value, and greater shareholder returns.

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Therefore, with Interwork, you can finally explore the possibilities in the Digital Transformation in Aerospace and Defense that are sure to bring you to a startling realization. Once you have a plan set, let our team
guide through the process. Our professionals can help you frame it better, aid you in the
identification of new business models and technologies required, and finally, the right process. We
can also help you streamline the life cycle of the development process with our customer-friendly
Agile processes.