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In today’s dynamic business environment organizations have to keep innovating continuously to stay competitive and for that, their dependency on technology is paramount. Organizations have to be capable enough to respond rapidly to ever-changing business requirements and marketplace demands. Software Development Life Cycle plays a very important role here and if an organization does not have a strategy in place, they are bound to fail sooner or later.

DevOps is one such modern approach that automates software development and release. Traditionally IT has always been divided into Dev, QA, and Ops and unfortunately, all of these are siloed. DevOps helps in bringing in these siloed units together to collaborate and deliver more efficiently through automation.


Interwork Software Solutions - DevOps


DevOps can be broken down into eight phases and each one of them is critical to the overall success of a DevOps Strategy.

  • Continuous Exploration

This phase helps in aligning to the actual requirements and outlines what is required to be built. It starts with an idea which is then analyzed and researched to come to an understanding and set the objectives of what is required to build a Minimal Viable Product of Feature. This sets the foundation for exploring whether an existing architecture or environment can be used as it is or would need some modifications so that the final outcome is as per the exact requirements as outlined initially.

  • Continuous Development

Once the objectives are set then start the actual project development activities. This would typically include activities around code generation and making it ready for the next phase of the DevOps Life Cycle. With continuous feedback and operation set up in place, continuous development is always on.

  • Continuous Integration

Immediately after code development, starts a Continuous Integration process. This process would involve various steps like planning of tests , learning the code to be able to produce the required outcome as outlined in the initial project document. 

  • Continuous Testing

In this phase, thorough testing is done to checks the actual performance of the application in the DevOps environment. This  testing activity provides more detailed information about various aspects around the performance of an application and this, in turn, is shared with the same development team to improve the performance of the application.

  • Continuous Monitoring

This phase is an operational phase in DevOps where key usage statistics of the application is captured and meticulously processed to build trends and pinpoint the exact problem points. This vastly enhances the operational efficiencies of the application.

  • Continuous Feedback

This is an important phase where the customer’s first-hand feedback helps in improving the performance of the current version of the application and also sets up the stage for new releases or new versions quickly. 

  • Continuous Deployment

This ensures the application is error-free since the codes are built, tested and then put on production on a continuous basis.

  • Continuous Operations

This helps in automating the release process based on Continuous Operations which helps Enterprises with shorter development cycles and accelerate time to market on a continuous basis. 

We at Interwork can help you with our DevOps offerings to transform your IT into a more agile and capable to be able to respond rapidly to changing business and marketplace demands. We can help you onboard you on the journey to lean and agile software delivery operations that enhance closer collaboration between Business, Software Development, and IT operations and minimizing friction and barriers between different stakeholders.

Interwork’s DevOps

Services can cover the entire application life cycle irrespective of the type of applications. We specialize in :

  • DevOps Strategy
  • Consulting Services
  • Implementation Services


DevOps TOOLS :- 

JIRA, HP ALM, Github, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, Selenium, VSTS-Coded UI Test, JFrog Artifactory, Sonatype Nexus, UrbanCode, Jenkins, Spinnaker, Ansible, ELK Stack, Prometheus, Grafana, Terraform, AWS CDK.

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