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Increase Trust, Transparency, and Data Integrity Among Various Stakeholders Using Blockchain

Let lack of trust and transparency not stop you from growing and expanding your business. Inherent challenges around cross-boundary trade, regulatory, payments systems, currency fluctuations, and country-specific policies can often be showstoppers, but all of these can be streamlined and made to work as per your business needs. With Blockchain, you can design and build your own business models, transaction systems, business processes and workflows.

What can you do with Blockchain

You can view blockchain both as an enabler of business and business processes and as a security apparatus also. Be it business needs, regulatory and compliance or ease of doing business, we can help you build your blockchain strategy accordingly.

Let us design, build and implement your initiatives around Blockchain

We at Interwork can help you navigate through your blockchain journey and you can trust our team consisting of industry-focussed domain experts and Blockchain evangelists, architects, developers, testers and implementation experts.

No matter where you are in the journey, whether you are just getting started or actively moving into production, we work very closely with you in ideation, identifying the benefits and challenges, architecting and building use cases and implementing them. While we do that we engage ourselves with different stakeholders across the organization in Business, IT infrastructure, Infosec and legal to build production-ready solutions.

With our forte on Blockchain, Decentralised Applications, and Smart Contracts, etc, we can help you with:-

  • Industry-Specific Solutions
  • Technology Advisory
  • Consulting Services
  • Development & Integration Services

Blockchain Development Expertise

  • Blockchain consulting
  • Private Blockchain Solution
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Blockchain Enterprise Solution
  • B2B Supply chain Management System
  • PoC development
  • Digital Tokens¬†
  • Dapps
  • Blockchain with IoT
  • ICO Launch
Blockchain Development Platforms
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Ethereum
  • Azure Blockchain
  • IBM Blockchain
  • AWS Blockchain


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