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Changing Paradigm- Adapt Smart Urban Mobility Solutions to face the inevitable

Change in Buyer’s behaviour, ever changing business dynamics, growing focus on green and sustainability are few of the factors that the automotive industry is facing today. While the existing business models is still continuing and struggling to keep pace with the global demands of customers, government regulations around green initiatives, reducing carbon footprints etc, the automotive industry is looking at rebooting their business strategy and IT has to work hand in hand with business to support and contribute to the growth and revenue of the organisation.

Today most of the urban cities exceed the prescribed Air Quality Standards because of Traffic congestion and thereby contributing to almost a quarter of CO2 emissions on earth. This is going to go up significantly in the coming years if we keep continuing with our present state of affairs. This single factor is a major impediment in the economic development of any developed or developing country.

It is the need of the hour to have a comprehensive and inclusive strategy in place to bring government, businesses, citizens and city administrations to come together to adopt and implement some core system level and orchestrated initiatives to steer out of this situation and transform towards a safer, integrated, connected and cleaner future and that is what Urban Mobility is all about.

Digitalization, Connected Vehicles, ADAS, e-mobility, supply chain optimisation, superior vehicle, spares and battery lifecycle management, connected dealer and service management system clubbed with new technologies and superior business models are the key ingredients of any Sustainable and Smart Urban Mobility Solution and that in itself presents opportunities for all concerned stakeholders to collaborate and accelerate the design and deployment of a future proof sustainable mobility system. This would involve leveraging collective, individual, and freight transport modes of urban mobility and going green with the most sustainable and comfortable commute solutions.

Urban mobility turns about the onset of rail, metros, electric vehicles, last mile connectivity and the concept of collectively shared commute. It is bringing down the overall cost and smaller carbon footprint, treasuring the natural magic of earth with fresh air, less pollution, and low fossil fuel consumption. Let’s realize the dream of seamlessly integrated mobility solutions connecting different types of lands, short and long commute requirements, including greener logistics for commercial purposes.


Data being the core of any such eMobility Program and with so many diverse stakeholders coming together, there are bound to be issues around Data Integrity, Data Security, Trust etc.
Today we have billions of devices emitting data and connected vehicles are not far behind. In days to come, connected vehicles will form a key integral part of the eMobility ecosystem and On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) data management and making informed decision using such data will be the key to any successful eMobility/Urban Mobility Solution.


Embracing eMobility solutions can help reduce emissions significantly and at the same time improve citizen’s wellbeing. An eMobility platform would need a collaborative approach among different stakeholders, like Government, Electric Vehicle Manufacturers, Battery Manufacturers, Energy Infrastructure companies and Energy Distribution Companies.
Setting up EV Charging & Battery Swapping Stations is the single most important factor that drives EV adoption. Digital technologies, Process, Policies, all can come together to form a robust e-Mobility platform.


The Aftermarket economy, also called a Circular Economy provides a great opportunity for the Automotive Industry. Till now plastics, metals and alloys used to the major components of any vehicle but with the onset of Electric Vehicles, one more component gets added to the list and that is EV Batteries.

With an efficient data driven Digital Aftermarket ecosystem in place, the vehicle manufacturers can significantly cut down costs in the highly competitive industry and also contribute to the overall environment of the society. These data could be from On Board Diagnostics (OBD), Battery Management System (BMS) or Vehicle Telematics.

Creation of closed loop digital economy helping vehicle owners and vehicle manufacturers to procure end of life tyres, batteries and other metals and alloys extracted from a vehicle after it was dismantled can help in effectively using the recycled/ refurbished components. While other components can be refurbished for same use, batteries can be used in other stationary energy storage systems.

Interwork is a new age software company that has been consistently innovating and solving problems with the help of the entrant new-age technology. Urban mobility is the concept of tomorrow, and our highly skilled product analysts and cohesive team are already working in tandem to realize the Smart Urban Mobility Solutions of tomorrow. The company already has offerings on around Electric Vehicles, that is sure to invigorate EV adoption on a global scale.

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