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Embrace Aerospace and Defence Technology Services across the Value Chain

Over the years, Aerospace and Defence (A&D) companies were at the forefront when it came to adopting newer and advanced technologies but in the last few years A&D companies have shown reluctance in adopting and implementing Digital Solutions for Aerospace & Defence like Automation, Internet of Things (IOT), Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and BI & Analytics etc.

The A&D leaders understand the value proposition of Aerospace and Defence Solutions and also believe that such technology adoption in line with their larger Digital Transformation Strategy can streamline their operations, mitigate risk, manage regulatory needs, enhance customer experience and boost revenues. They want to embark on a Digital Journey and expedite adoption of a host of such newer technologies but have not been able to do so and reasons could be many.

Aerospace & Defence technology services are endless but having one consolidated end to end Digital Strategy covering all functions of the organisation would make it an effective strategy and will yield greater results as compared to a piece meal approach. They can prioritise and have a healthy mix of initiatives aimed at revenue growth and operational efficiency in supply chain, production, after sales services etc. In a nutshell, A&D companies, instead of viewing such new technology adoption as a mere addition to existing and legacy processes leaders should start thinking differently and see how they can use technology in their day to day business.


Touted as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0 is the creation of a smart and intelligent digital manufacturing, operation and supply chain platform, which is not only interconnected but is also intelligent that can collect data, analyse them and derive intelligence and render it to the relevant processes and people.

Industry 4.0 driven Aerospace and Defence Solutions can impact every company in the industry, from Large OEMs to small time suppliers and vendors, whether for revenue growth or cutting costs and increasing profitability. Applying Industry 4.0 technologies in the A&D companies will help in making existing offerings smarter by using connectivity, smart sensors, leveraging re-engineered processes, analytics and more and at the same time developing newer cost-effective offerings ahead of competition.


1. Design and Development of Products & Services
2. Connected Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Partners, Warehouse and Distribution
3. Marketing & Sales- CRM, eCommerce, After Markets, Customer Support etc.
4. Governance & Regulations


  • Analytics
  • Blockchain
  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Robotics
  • Cloud


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