About Interwork

About Interwork

Interwork is a new age software solutions company, focussed on helping enterprises globally in their Digital Innovation Journey.

Ever changing factors like government regulations, corporate laws, geopolitical situations and many more like this are pushing today’s enterprises to be more adaptive and flexible and constantly keep on changing the way they do business. With a much larger interdependent and open world economy, enterprises are adopting newer strategies to remain relevant in and ahead of the competition in their business and digital transformation is one such strategy which nobody can ignore in today’s world.

Interwork’s in-depth domain knowledge in key industry verticals like Automotive & Urban Mobility, Aerospace & Defence, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Energy & Utilities  has been helping enterprises in solving key business challenges, be it related to process re-engineering, enhance collaboration between various stakeholders – internal or external, bring transparency and trust in transactions and ensure security of transactions and data.

We have a compelling bouquet of services covering various aspects of Digital Transformation. We are constantly working towards innovating and building world-class solutions using the latest and cutting-edge technologies to solve some of the biggest challenges that Enterprises face today.

What makes us different from others is decades of a domain and technical expertise that we possess. While our domain experts are credible enough and understand the nuances of their respective domains, our technical experts understand technology as nobody else does and this has helped us in innovating and building world-class products catering to specific industry verticals as mentioned above.

With a vision to be the preferred technology provider for the said business across the globe. Interwork has been doing amazing things in helping enterprises solve their key challenges and with “Customer First” philosophy, the team at Interwork is dedicated to customer’s success and growth.


Develop innovative, world-class and technologically advanced solutions for enterprises and help them resolve their business challenges


Be counted as the most sought-after brand for innovative and cutting-edge software solutions

Team & Values

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Organizations are only successful when their teams have a sense of responsibility, are free to make decisions, and are committed to delivering the best. Collaboration, Transparency, and Trust are the keys to any successful team and organization and we strongly believe in this philosophy.